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IQ are the home cinema professionals. We create stunning audio & visual experiences in the comfort of your home. Following technical principles from the world’s leading motion picture associations, combined with bespoke interior design and professional custom installation, we can guarantee the highest quality result.



Complete system and room design for home cinemas,  dedicated Hi-Fi rooms, living areas and multi-room media! We take care of the planning, products, acoustics and aftercare; whatever the space - every step of the way!


These pages are dedicated to to helping you make the right decisions when building or improving your home cinema. You can also find our range of stand-alone services to help take your cinema to the next level!


One for the audiophiles and Hi-Fi enthusiasts! See what products we're loving at the moment, while learning some valuable information to help you achieve the ultimate in sound quality at home. This is the top-shelf of two channel audio! 

After Cinema Decor?

The Cinema Goal

To have the audience completely absorbed in the world unfolding on film, as intended by the director; free from distraction, in total immersion. Film cheers us up, challenges our ideals, inspires us, makes us squirm, laugh or cry, and ultimately, offers a couple of hours of complete escape from the world around us.

The Human Dynamic Range

Sound Frequencies
Sound Frequencies

What Makes Us Different From The Others?


Not only do our designs excel in performance, but we make sure that everything feels as luxurious as possible. Whether it be a functioning candy bar, sci-fi seating, or acoustic panels that display your favourite artwork. With our creative team of professionals, the possibilities are endless.

The Complete Solution

IQ aren’t just your average cable guys. We manage the whole process; from the first consultation to the measured planning & design, from the product selection to the supply & installation, from product tuition to the servicing & aftercare.  Audio, video or digital - we have you covered.

Forward Thinking Products

We understand that just because something is dubbed 'the next big thing’ does not necessarily mean it’s better! We pride ourselves on our ability to recommend products based on their future compatibility,  and value for money. You won't end up with any costly extras you don't need!

Certified Professionals

IQ are one of Australia’s few complete solution home cinema companies accredited by all three world leading associations: The Imaging Science Foundation, THX, and the Home Acoustics Alliance.

Our Products

IQ ensure that any product you purchase is among the world's best in performance & quality. As a totally independent company, we don't represent products based on supplier or brand relationships; but rather on their merit and ability to address our customer's needs. We target a wide range of products, each designed to match a variety of listening preferences, room sizes & acoustics. With IQ you can find the right product to suit you, knowing that the highest levels of performance aren’t just guaranteed - they’re the benchmark.

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