Bring a little glamour and fun back into the home cinema with this Bedfordale beauty.

Our clients wanted an entertaining and classic home cinema experience, and that’s exactly what our team delivered. 7 people can be comfortably seated in this 5.7 x 4.2 space and enjoy all the 3.2m wide cinemascope screen has to offer.

The audio features include an awesome 105db reference level sound at the rear speakers and legendary MK S150 5 inch series speakers. There are also twin 12” subs, an Oppo 105d player/processor and ATI 5x 300watt power amp, all custom installed and calibrated for the perfect sound at every angle.

For those of us who may be a little rusty on the tech talk, all that this means is that this family is experiencing the best sound that a home cinema has to offer, in every corner of the home cinema. It really gives the space an authentic feel and makes the difference when watching epic films.

This $33,000 AV system has been designed to be an immersive experience for everyone to enjoy with creature comforts such as motorised seating ($11,500), custom projector housing inspired by Ferrari ($1,800) and the all important vintage inspired popcorn machine ($600) as an principal finishing touch.

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