This Dianella family’s home cinema is packed with all the bells and whistles. 

Why would you want to go out to the movies when this home cinema comes fully equiped with a candy bar, drinks bar and movie character figurines. Getting that authentic cinema feel was an arrow hitting its bullseye.

The angled wall put a spanner in the works though we made it seem like a hole-in-one by constructing railing to support curtains with heavy layers along the walls which limits sound reflection.

A comprehensive calibration to HAA and ISF standards ensures this family gets the best possible cinematic experience that would be the envy of any Hollywood Director. To achieve high cinema standards, the IQ team placed the left speaker in the wall to maintain acoustic engineering parameters and created an extension to house equipment such as the centre speaker and sub woofer.

Integrating the whole room with Control4 meant they can see who is at the door, control the lights and manage the entire AV system effortlessly.

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