This Hocking home theatre has all the makings of a traditional cinema, with the professional grade technology to match. The clients required concert level audio, TV and movie integration and interior design that would live up to its cinema name. An obstacle faced by IQ was the shape of the room.

The area was square, which is a risk for uneven bass due to its deep peaks and null standing waves. To contest this challenge IQ installed 4 bass drive locations, two were placed in the front and two in the rear to ensure pristine sound throughout the room.

The clients were focused on making their cinematic experience as authentic as possible and required a very high SPL (Sound Pressure Level – the higher the level the louder the audio) for audio intensity. IQ chose to install a pro-studio active speaker system for blockbuster worthy sound.

It was important for the heavy speakers not to ‘tunnel’ the picture and distract the viewer; therefore IQ used a custom screen mount to present the image at face of the speakers, which also provided additional equipment space. Now this Hocking family can enjoy epic movies through both sound and screen with a reference level audio resolution of 105db from their seats! Smooth high-resolution sound also covers the full audio spectrum from 20hz and the twinkling star-lit ceiling ensures unforgettable movie nights no matter the film.

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