A cinema room fit for a Hollywood Director. Built for a family that loves to get amongst classic films as well as enjoy gaming on the Xbox 1.

How on Earth do you fit 9 seats in a room that is only 4.0×5.0x2.7m, has windows along the side, a large dual door no acoustic treatment whatsoever? Some may say it is impossible yet the IQ team says game on.

To produce the best outcome, the team built railing to support curtains along the left hand side, custom built and installed the projector bulkhead above the room and installed an acoustic woven screen near the speaker placement. Custom seat raisers with an integrated subwoofer install ensured no matter where you sat in the room, the sound will be wholesome and natural calibrated to reference standards.

Not that we’ve dealt with the build, let’s get to the AV side of things.

The picture quality of the room contends with the best picture houses. Powerful Barco Laser 4K+ Cinemascope Chip set projector coupled with a 140″ acoustic woven screen give a totally immersive experience and puts you in the drivers seat. Set to ISF reference standards, we are able to achieve vibrant, rich colours as intended by the studio.

The nostalgic artwork at the back of the room was handpicked by the family to capture the magic of cinema feeling. Additional feature lighting helped in creating the perfect atmosphere to be captivated by whatever the Director throws at you.

With all the electronics and AV gear, we made the home cinema simple to use with Control4 automation through a handy iPad.

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