Our clients objective was to create a small, family cinema that could mostly be used to enjoy movies but also be utilised when watching TV – especially sport – and listening to music.

Our clients envisioned a 5 seat modern home cinema that would compliment their home and integrate with the current structure and interior design. Fulfilling this vision came with its share of challenges such as, maintaining access to the rear sliding doors, calibrating with a split-level room, and taking into account huge 3.2 metre ceilings.

Lucky for this MaidaVale family, IQ specialise in choosing the right design and products to bring each individual structure to its full potential. The key to maintaining the rear sliding doors, which lead onto the alfresco, was installing a heavy backend curtain. The curtain sufficiently blocked out all light interruptions without compromising access to the alfresco, while contributing to the modern cinema aesthetic our clients were after. By positioning the seats 70% from the wall and installing a custom front speaker baffle wall (a component of a THX certified cinema) we were able to give the clients epic movie resolution and dynamics from their exact viewing point. Sidewall panels for acoustic control also addressed the issues that arise with a split-level room and high ceilings and reduced the impact from room boundaries to almost nothing. These grand pillars also completed the look of their dream modern home cinema!

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