An ode to music and film, this home cinema hidden in Maylands combines the best of old and new technology to create the ultimate basement getaway. Complete with a record player, custom lighting and exceptional sound, creating this awesome space was a joy. we encountered some challenges on the way such as calibrating in a small basement room, accessing equipment in a separate room, incorporating a large white existing aircon into the design, and no seat only lighting in the area. But as always IQ pulled through and installed some truly innovative technical solutions.

To combat the “boomy bass” associated with a small basement-like area we installed a custom acoustic bulkhead to absorb mid bass sound, hide the aircon and projector, and install ambient seat lighting. Twin subwoofers were installed and calibrated to the best acoustic locations for high resolution DSP. The all-important record player was also wall mounted and cabled through the wall to connect the equipment in another room. As a result of IQ’s expert installation and product selection, this Maylands family is able to enjoy epic movie resolution and dynamics with reference level audio calculated at 105db to the seat! In addition smooth high-resolution response from the full audio spectrum, sure to pull at the heart strings of any music lover.

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