Design was obviously a very important factor for this modern Meadow Springs home. But what would design be without pristine sound and viewing to be enjoyed watching film and special TV events.

This contemporary cinema presented a few challenges such as, a square shaped building (not ideal for cinematic calibration), the need for sound isolation, a minimum 105db THX audio, and the incorporation of a large disc library and fun candy and drinks bar. To combat these issues IQ built a new front wall, which changed the room’s dimensions and installed 4 large subwoofers to ensure an immersive audio experience. Isolation can be an extremely valuable addition to your home cinema, providing privacy and guaranteeing no disruption will be experienced throughout the rest of the home.

In this cinema all of the walls, windows and even the ceiling was isolated so that the cinema truly felt like an authentic escape. The personal cinematic experience was amplified with the installation of completely custom cabinetry along the back wall, adding practicality and luxury. The cabinetry housed all additional equipment and an expansive disc collection as well as the ultimate bar and candy area – providing an entertaining flare. The custom calibration and paneling resulted in effortless 105db audio, smooth high-resolution bass, and excellent surround sound envelopment. This is definitely a cinema made for binge watching!

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