If you love killer audio and wicked bass, you will fall in love with this Mount Pleasant Hi-fi cinema.

Don’t let its size fool you. There may only be 2 primary seats but this room sure does pack a punch.

We used the existing tower speakers and combined them with a JVC 5 Series projector. The result is one hell of a cinematic movie experience while still being the envy of any music enthusiast who loves to wind down with some all time classics.

The team chose a charcoal look which really helps set the atmosphere for the room. We were able to achieve this through the carpet, paint and lighting elements. From the moment you walk in, the dark feel creates the illusion of disbelief and allows your mind to escape and get lost in the story of the director.

The beauty with the project was that we could use much of the existing cabinetry and furniture. An equipment rack was custom created to nicely store the equipment and cables away from sight.

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