This warm and inviting Myaree home cinema is one to imagine the family in.

The 4 x 5m room can seat one row of 4 viewers and is perfect for entertaining. The powerful 105db THX certified sound level surround sound and cinemascope screen provide the most authentic home cinema experience available and ensures you’re immersed in the film you’re watching.

IQ is known for their technological expertise, that’s why this client opted for a smart all-in-one control system so they can access every feature at the touch of a button.

We chose a 6-point acoustic solution for this space, which has been expertly installed and tuned; ensuring the $24,000 system lives up to it’s potential for years to come.

We have an amazing interior design team, which will work with you to ensure that your amazing home cinema is beautifully presented and presents harmoniously with the rest of your house. All of the cords and cables will be hidden so you can focus completely on the films you are watching.

This particular cinema features custom cabinetry and a matching coffee table ($7,000) designed to be relaxing and appealing to all who enter and provide the perfect space for all the snacks your heart desires.

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