If you are a sci-fi enthusiast, you will feel right at home in this cinema room.

As you can tell from the gallery images, there is A LOT of memorabilia. Thunderbirds, Star Wars to Star Trek, this room has it all.

This is the magic of home cinema room. You can let your inner child shine and add that special bit (or bits in this case) of memorabilia that makes the space your own.  Let’s face it, these special items aren’t going to be showcased in the living room. Other items to add, should you choose, can be classic records, guitars, art work and film posters.

To complement the sci-fi theme, we added a new carpet, re-painted the walls and added feature lighting and curtains with a deep plum finish.

The room also had an existing video system which the family wanted to keep and lots of windows which are now acoustically treated for sound isolation. In addition to movies, tv and music, the room will also be used for catching the latest sporting action.

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