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Who Is The Room For?

The new cinema room needs to fit the intended people who will regularly enjoy the room together. For some, this might mean family and entertaining guests. For others, private family use is the prime objective. The less seats the easier it is for the room to accommodate a “sweet spot” of high performance. Other consideration is what viewers enjoy most between TV, movies, music and other activities.

Discover The Best Space

Once we know how many seats you need to entertain, you can consider what room in the house would work best. This could be a formal lounge (often labelled theatre room by architects these days) basement, granny flat, storeroom, carports, living areas, bedrooms and game rooms. The best rooms are rectangular, enclosed and separated from other spaces. This controls possible leakage of light and sound. It can also allow a more creative and better performance styling of the room.

Existing homes – When renovating rooms designed for other uses, council approval maybe required.

New homes – Any room can be made to work well, however specific dimensions can be calculated for the ultimate experiences.

Room Measure & Bass Calculation

Home cinema rooms are acoustically small (<13m in any dimension). Bass is trapped inside the boundaries resulting in wave peaks and nulls. Or more to the point booming, muddy, slow bass that no one likes (even grandma can tell the difference).

Understanding how your room will behave is the first and most vital step for great sound. Proper seating positions and subwoofer bass speakers in the right spots can achieve super deep, fast dynamic sound no matter the size or build of the room.

Audio & Video Engineering

Placement of the surround sound speaker system is delicately placed inside the room, focused entirely on the prime audience location. We use 3D COMPUTER modeling which aids the next 4 design stages,ensuring full insight for engineers, designers and owners before construction.

The cinematic projection design also takes place here ensuring immersive viewing at all seats, totally integrated audio system, all while ensuring installation compatibility within the room’s dimension.

Acoustic Design

The sound from the speakers mix with the room (boundaries) as they travel to the target (audience). The effect is short with long delayed reflections and echo. Following from prior steps, we know all 3 of the elements and therefore acoustic behaviour can be calculated, and recommended acoustic control products specified.

The best sounding systems are all found in the best sounding rooms.

Interior Design

Now that the foundations are set, we can proceed with the final design elements. Here we can include candy bars, disc libraries, art, memorabilia, fabrics, paint, cabinet work and other finishes that can be designed without fear of intruding into a totally immersive experience.

Product Selection

Products vary greatly in performance and budget. Most importantly, no matter the cost invested the product MUST match the AV engineering parameters. Expensive equipment in the wrong application seldom performs at even 50% of its value.

Each product needs to perform at reference output standards in the given space with perfect installation fit and finish. We are spoilt for choose in Australia with every world-class brand represented and supported. With so many options only the very best with the exact fit will ever do.

Project Management & Installation

In this step all the design, construction, cabling and equipment requirements come together for scheduling. Various trades and products will be required along the way until everything is orchestrated perfectly to plan and within the given time frame.

Performance Calibration

Once connected, the system needs to be tested, verified and tuned. Even the likes of a highly engineered Ferrari, nothing is left to chance as experienced test drivers give it all.

If you already have a system, often the best place to upgrade is in calibration – squeezing all you can from what you have already paid for. Our surveys show more than 30% increase in the WOW factor by families post calibration!

Control & Service

Your new cinema should be easy to use, there is nothing less entertaining than remote control sequence that feels like a 747 take off. Smart control systems ensures you achieve full functionality with ease for the whole family.

Scheduled service calls will monitor system run time, so performance maintenance is done one step ahead. Filters, audio balance, firmware updates, and cleanliness all add up to performance, reliability and carefree ownership.