Calibration and Tuning Perth

Your cinema is built, the stage is set. You turn on your brand new home cinema and it’s great, but how do you know it’s performing at its very best? You don’t, and without proper calibration you never will.

Luckily calibration is something we do better than anyone else. It’s a highly technical skill that few possess and allows us to ensure you’re getting the most out of your home entertainment system. When you see the latest TV or projector system in the shop it’s often oversaturated with colour to stand out, and you may find this is too harsh for your home.

With projection elements like ambient lighting, the size of the screen and screen materials also need to be considered. We precisely measure the output of sound and picture with specialised sensors, checking the results on our computers and adjusting to perfection. Both audio and video need to be calibrated for the best result. Audio calibration is the process of analysing and perfecting the layout of an audio system, while seeking opportunities to optimise the sound and acoustics within the room.

Video calibration is the process of testing, analysing, adjusting and perfecting the aspects of a video system. By fine-tuning colour & dynamics, your system will meet the highest standards for video set by industry leaders. This guarantees all systems are performing to their fullest and leaves you with amazing sound and image and the best value for money. It’s our secret sauce and the reason we build superior home cinemas.


Benefits of working with IQ Smarter

  • Local, and expert team, with years of experience.
  • We live and breath technology and entertainment.
  • Detail orientated and perfection focussed.
  • Everything is a customised solution to you desires.
  • We use the highest quality components in our work.

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