Multi Room Audio Perth

Multi room audio is the collaboration of sound systems throughout the home. By installing a great number of speakers, you can not only enjoy audio from every area in your home but also improve clarity.

When using only two speakers in a large space audio is uneven, installing, for example, 6 smaller speakers will increase clarity in every corner of the room. Outdoor speakers can be hidden within the landscaping or mounted on walls in entertainment areas. Discrete ceiling and wall surround sound with colour-matched grills can also make a seamless addition to your alfresco area.

Designer stand-alone speakers in the bedroom or living areas can also be a stylish addition to your décor. Alternatively, TV sound bars or hidden in-cabinet speakers create a streamline interior that is completely customisable and disperses sound evenly. Built in Hi-Fi and acoustic room design for major media areas add a professional touch that perfects in-home luxury. Multi room systems also allow you to stream audio from the Internet, TV, or even PC.

Benefits of working with IQ Smarter

  • Local, and expert team, with years of experience.
  • We live and breath technology and entertainment.
  • Detail orientated and perfection focussed.
  • Everything is a customised solution to you desires.
  • We use the highest quality components in our work.

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