Multi Room Video Perth

Multi room video creates the opportunity for Ultimate connectivity to Internet, Printers, NAS (network Attached Storage) drives and back-up systems.

As well as connecting to computer and hand held devices, hidden TV’s create minimalist spaces that are just as impressive when in use. Imagine having a TV appear down from your bedroom ceiling or hidden in custom cabinetry.

What about a TV that rises from the kitchen counter or folds down from the alfresco ceiling? These are all possible through IQ Smart Homes and not only do they look fantastic, the TV’s we install are of the highest quality and calibrated to bring you even better images than you see in the store.


Benefits of working with IQ Smarter

  • Local, and expert team, with years of experience.
  • We live and breath technology and entertainment.
  • Detail orientated and perfection focussed.
  • Everything is a customised solution to you desires.
  • We use the highest quality components in our work.

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