Remote Controls Perth

Are you tired of button hunting, flat batteries, and missing remotes? You’re not alone! But there is a better way.

Integrating your remotes into one simple intuitive interface that will control your entire system with the touch of a button is easier than you think. These advanced control systems can work through enclosed doors and control multiple devices and appliances at once.

They are also completely user friendly, so the whole family can enjoy everything your new smart home has to offer.

1. Traditional Hard Button Remote The kind of remote we all know and love. A traditional, hard-button remote. This comfortable all in one hand-held control is the perfect size. It fits snuggly in your hand and has that familiar button layout we all know and love. It even has a warmly lit crystal clear screen to assist you with your selections. Best of all this powerful little remote has the ability to control everything in your home!

2. iPad and Tablet control We all use handy tablets like the iPad, now you can control everything (except perhaps the kids) with just a finger tap. Movies, TV, lighting, aircon and blinds, it’s all at your command. Controlling any type of device is second nature. This is the way to go if you like to make life easy.

3. Smartphones, Apple or Android. Smaller than the tablets but always at hand, literally, most of us are never far away from our phones which means total control of everything in your home is within your grasp. Even away from home you have full control with “Anywhere Access”. It couldn’t be easier. Comfort Connect your AC units to the home interface and control them from any wireless device such as your smart phone or tablet control.

This gives you the ability to

  • Monitor the temperature within each room and adjust accordingly
  • Set alerts when rooms reach certain temperature
  • Set scenes when a room reaches a certain temperature
  • Create a seamless design without the need for remotes on walls

Benefits of working with IQ Smarter

  • Local, and expert team, with years of experience.
  • We live and breath technology and entertainment.
  • Detail orientated and perfection focussed.
  • Everything is a customised solution to you desires.
  • We use the highest quality components in our work.

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