Smart Wiring Perth

Smart wiring is the backbone infrastructure we use to connect every device in your smart home.

It’s standard to find multiple laptops, smart phones, tablets, smart TV’s and even internet enabled phones in the modern Perth household. All these devices require speed and integrity that standard cabling or wireless just can’t handle. What makes our cabling smart? It’s about where and how we connect it.

Any project needs a plan, and smart wiring is no different. Our plans take your vision for your home and turn it into a working model of what you want to achieve. By investing in an IQ smart home discover plan, every homeowner can be assured they understand exactly what amount of applications/data load is possible in their home.

From here they can decide what connectivity suits their needs and we can explain which products will bring this to reality. By having fully qualified and experienced professionals advise on and install your smart cabling you can be confident it’s done right the first time and save money in the future.

Conventional cabling in most homes can’t effectively handle the amount of high speed applications that are required by many homeowners in the modern day and are certainly not equipped for future applications, such as the National Broadband Network (NBN).

We offer cabling for future technologies by using fibre so you can be NBN ready and patch panels are also used to enable flexibility for the future. But don’t worry about the technical stuff, our technicians will make sure you understand exactly what is going into your home and how to use it.

So if you’ve been looking for someone to handle your smart wiring in Perth, your hunt is over.


Benefits of working with IQ Smarter

  • Local, and expert team, with years of experience.
  • We live and breath technology and entertainment.
  • Detail orientated and perfection focussed.
  • Everything is a customised solution to you desires.
  • We use the highest quality components in our work.

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